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Girls’ School

Year 10


Head of Year 10:     Miss C. Young

Senior Link:             Mr J. O'Connell, Assistant Headteacher

Year 10 Parents' Evening - Thursday 10th March 2022

Form Tutors:

  • 10A – Mr C. Hutchinson
  • 10B – Mr R. Clark
  • 10C – Mrs T. Dudley
  • 10D – Mrs P. Bateman
  • 10E – Ms T. Ortlepp
  • 10F – Mrs E.J. Qureshi

Welcome to the start of your daughter's GCSE adventure! As I am sure you are aware these next two years are very important to your daughter. Her success over the next two years will determine how many doors are open to her at the end of her compulsory schooling. 

As parents you can play a big part in supporting your daughter through this stage of her education. Being a support, a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on are all roles I am sure you will play at some point! For that reason I have put together some information that may help you to complete all these roles and give the best help possible to your daughter.

Expectations for Year 10 Girls

  • To work hard in all subjects and to achieve your very best
  • To be a friendly and supportive in your new GCSE classes and form new friendships
  • To participate in a minimum of two extra-curricular and inter-house activities
  • To continue to be a valued member of the school community
  • To maintain a friendly atmosphere around the school

Year 10 end of year examinations revision information