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Girls’ School

Useful Information

Innovate catering provider and biometric system

Week 1

Week commencing:

6th November 2023,  27th November 2023

18th December 2023, 8th January 2024

29th January 2024, 19th February 2024

11th March 2024, 1st April 2024,

22nd April 2024, 13th May 2024

3rd June 2024, 24th June 2024

15th July 2024

Week 2

Week commencing:

23rd October 2023, 13th November 2023

4th December 2023, 15th January 2024

26th February 2024, 18th March 2024

8th April 2024, 29th April 2024

20th May 2024, 10th June 2024

1st July 2024, 22nd July 2024


Week 3

Week commencing:

30th October 2023, 20th November 2023

11th December 2023, 1st January 2024

22nd January 2024, 12th February 2024

4th March 2024, 25th March 2024

6th May 2024, 27th May 2024

17th June 2024, 8th July 2024





Innovate Menu

Innovate Tariff 




Biometric Information

At Newlands Girls’ School we operate a biometric recognition system in our canteen.  This allows the till registers to recognise pupils using finger imaging, greatly improving security and efficiency.  The benefits include:

  • Improved security when processing financial transactions in the school
  • No cost to parents and administration time to replace lost or forgotten cards
  • Reduction in opportunities for pupils using each other’s or lost/stolen cards or pin numbers
  • Pupils do not have to remember a pin or to bring a card
  • Reduction in queueing time

For further information, please refer to the two documents below:

Information leaflet - What are Biometrics

Leaflet on Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency closure

Information for Parents and Carers

  • Notification of closure will be sent out by text to all Parents/Carers by Edulink.
  • Information will be posted and updated on the website.
  • A message will be put on to the main school telephone system.
  • Please listen out for updates on the local radio stations.

Information for Staff

Staff will be notified by the school email system of any closure and also by the Emergency Closure Cascade.

Please can Parents, Carers and Staff regularly check the school website for any updated information.

newlands parents' association

The Parents’ Association works in partnership with Newlands to support the school community. Through running events such as the Halloween Disco, Pre-Loved Uniform Sales and by selling refreshments at the Christmas and Spring concerts the NPA raises many thousands of pounds for Newlands each year.   All parents are automatically members of our Association, but if you would like to get involved, make a donation or simply find out more, please get in touch with our Chairperson using the contact details listed below, or contact:  Mr J. O'Connell, Assistant Headteacher



Gift Aid Declaration Form


If you would like to make contact with the NPA please telephone the school office on:

01628 625068 or send an email to:

Newlands Parents' Association - Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Chair TBA
Secretary Rachael McMaster
Communications/Refreshments   Shelley Marshall
Treasurer Jo Price
Raffle Co-Ordinators Bab Evetts and Helen Griffiths
Senior Leadership Team Link Justin O'Connell



sQuid account FAQs

How do I set up my daughter's sQuid account?

How do I top up my daughter's Catering purse?

How do I make a payment for a trip/offer on sQuid?

Squid information on enabling payments from Secondary accounts (e.g. separated/divorced parents)

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Finance Department on: 01628 625068.