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Girls’ School

Year 9

Year 9 Information Evening

Year 9 Options Booklet - January 2024

The next Year 9 Parents' and Options Evening will take place on Tuesday 27th February 2024. 


Head of Year 9: Mrs T Fairman

Leadership Team Link: Ms C Bevan, Assistant Headteacher

Form Tutors

  • 9A – Mrs C Liddle and Mrs EJ Qureshi
  • 9B – Miss M Chapman
  • 9C – Ms L Third and Mr H Woodward
  • 9D – Mr M Young
  • 9E – Mrs P Bateman
  • 9F – Miss M Neveu and Ms C Burger

Weekly Form Time Programme


  • Discuss ‘Thought for the Week’
  • Notices/preparation for the week ahead


  • Sign Planners
  • Silent reading


  • Assembly (bags left in gym, enter through the gym)


  • Pastoral Development (Programme)


  • Quiz
  • Enrichment

Daily Tasks:

  • Student are expected to be sat in their form room by 8:40 a.m.  
  • Take the register promptly.
  • Check uniform.
  • Admin: notices, room changes, absence notes etc.
  • Complete pupil infringement sheets. Please sanction as follows:
  • 3 ticks (any category): detention with FT, any further infringement that half-term, 30 minutes after school detention with HOY on Friday.

Expectations for Year 9:

To embody our 3 c’s (Courage, Commitment and Compassion).

  • To be compassionate to others.
  • To show courage through new experiences and responsibilities.
  • To be committed to their education.Year 9 are our leaders of KS3! Setting a positive example for the Year 7s and 8s is a priority.

Pastoral Programme Term 1

Pastoral Development:

Pastoral Programme Term 1

  • Pastoral Programme -
    • Delivered on a Thursday morning during Form Time.  A termly focus on current and relevant topics with aims to support students in their academic, personal and social development and in doing so raise pupils' achievement
  • PSHE 
    • Delivered by form tutors during lesson time once a fortnight; Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) supports and enhances the development of pupils at Newlands, reflecting our agreed purpose of preparing students for life in the twenty-first century.