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Girls’ School

Trips and Activities


At GCSE the students are required to undertake 2 days of fieldwork in contrasting environments. Students will have an opportunity to develop an understanding of the kinds of questions capable of being investigated through fieldwork in an urban environment and a river environment. Students will have an opportunity to develop a question(s) based on their location and the task. They will collect both primary and secondary data for the 2 chosen locations.   We will be completing a river study in the local area and visiting an urban area, probably Reading.

At A-Level, students are required to undertake 4 days of fieldwork. 2 days will be completed during the AS year and will focus on Coasts and Coastal processes as well as contrasts in Urban areas. The second 2 days will be to give students a range of ideas and experience of different fieldwork techniques in order to support them in the choice of a hypothesis for their individual investigation. This will be between 3-4,000 words and is excellent preparation for the rigours of University course requirements.