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Girls’ School

School Council

We encourage our students to be involved in all aspects of school life. The Student Council drives forward ideas and suggestions for improvement, helping to implement change. 

The School Council has contributed to many initiatives such as the designing of a new Science laboratory and raising funds for picnic benches and lockers. Last year alone they raised funds through the support of the NPA to have a new uniform shed, benches and weather protection covers for outdoor seating. They were involved in the interview process for our new Headteacher and Deputy Heads, interviewing all the candidates. The Student Council helps the school reach out to the wider community. They are responsible for selecting charities to support and in recent years this has included, Mind, Shelter, Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, Save The Children, Breast Cancer Research and Parkinsons UK.

All students are eligible to stand for election to the Council, which is chaired by the Head Girls.  Students learn about the processes behind a democracy by nominating and voting for their peers, or standing themselves for election. They participate in debates, put forward ideas, and develop skills in listening and public speaking.  Collaboration and leadership are key aspects of the Council’s ethos.

September 2023