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Girls’ School


Psychology is the ‘scientific study of the mind and behaviour,’ and is a popular option at A level. Students choose this subject because it provides a unique insight into human behaviour, but it is also a popular choice because:

  • It complements a wide range of other subjects, both Arts and Sciences.
  • It develops a wide range of transferable skills that are highly sought after by prospective employers.
  • It opens doors to a wide range of careers.


Vision and Values

The psychology department is committed to providing a challenging, positive, stimulating, and secure learning environment in which each student’s sense of worth and passion for psychology is enhanced by participating with enjoyment, whether, or not they excel, and by the praise they receive for their positive contribution, providing them with the confidence to go forward into a changing world.

No man is an Island,

Entire of itself,

Everyman is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.”

John Donne

Ultimately, the aim is to give students a greater awareness of their own and other people’s behaviour and to acquire some understanding of the complex ways in which human behaviour develops on a personal, interpersonal, and psychological level as well as gain insight into the ways in which individuals influence and in turn are influenced by their society.

Our aim is to:

Provide students with a broad-based and cohesive knowledge of the different perspectives that exist to explain behaviour and their application and implications to the real world serving as a transferrable foundation for many disciplines at tertiary level.

Skills are developed that are analytical, interpretative, and integrative through the study of research methods. Students are given the opportunity to conduct their own personal investigations to develop teamwork and presentation skills, problem solving and the use of initiative as well as fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Your sense of professional ethics and social responsibility will grow, and extend to cultural sensitivity, and good citizenship in a globalised world through discussions of socially sensitive research and controversies that focus upon the ethics of both humans and animals in research, sexism, culture bias and the scientific status of psychology.

Confidence and self-belief to go beyond one’s preconceived abilities academically, physically, and spiritually. Demonstrating an aspirational mindset.

Have and maintain an ethos of continuous improvement through self-reflection, self-evaluation, teacher feedback and peer support.

Outside the classroom, students actively pursue leadership opportunities by becoming psychology ambassadors, engaging in enrichment activities by visiting the Freud, Science and Foundling museums in London, running psychology club, contributing to the school newsletter, and partaking in the psychology society.

Look forward to developing digital skills such as using digital information and tools, creating online content, and communicating effectively and ethically online, through questionnaires, interviews, content analysis, as part of your personal research investigations.

Offer compassion, empathy, understanding and lifelong friendships, building respect for oneself and others, to include both staff and students in a supportive environment that fosters collaborative relationships.

Good habits for life: work ethic, self-discipline, resilience, independence, integrity, and courage based on strong moral values and having a go.

You become an ambitious and caring, well-rounded holistic individual ready to take on the many challenges that await you, leading to a happy, bright, and successful future.