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Girls’ School

Mission Statement

Our aim is to:

  • Create confident, independent young women
  • Give all students the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Be a Learning Community committed to lifelong learning

We aim to prepare our students for life in the twenty-first century. Our ultimate aim is for our girls to become confident, adaptable young women who can work co-operatively but who are also capable of thinking for themselves, making rational decisions and taking control of their own lives.  Staff and Governors at Newlands are united in their belief in the value of single-sex education for girls, both in terms of academic achievement and social development.  We have high expectations of all our girls, believing this is the best way for every girl to achieve her potential.

"Teachers have very high aspirations for pupils. Teachers use their secure subject knowledge to ensure that pupils thrive on interesting activities. As a result, pupils make exceptionally strong progress."  Ofsted October 2018

We aim to provide a supportive environment in which every individual is valued and able to develop to the full her academic, moral and spiritual potential.  At the same time we set very clear standards for our girls in terms of both work and behaviour.  We believe that learning can only take place in an orderly environment, and we make it clear to our pupils from the outset that staff work hard on their behalf and we expect them to respond in like manner.

"Pupils appreciate the caring ethos that permeates the school. They participate fully in school life. Strong relationships between staff and pupils mean that staff know pupils well. Pupils appreciate the high-quality pastoral care. As a result, they feel safe and know who to go to if they need help or support"  Ofsted October 2018