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Girls’ School


As you enter Newlands and our Maths Department we expect students to have a positive attitude and an open mind. Start every lesson with the eagerness to learn new things. You should be willing to try new challenges and approach problem-solving questions with determination and curiosity but not be afraid to ask questions.

Students at Newlands can expect a dedicated team of maths teachers, who are consistently available to support both inside and outside the classroom. You will experience engaging lessons taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff that bring the real world into the maths classroom. You will have access to your own online class book through each of the key stages as well as an online learning platform. You will experience Maths through a progressive circular curriculum which develops your prior learning year on year.

Maths staff are eager and enthusiastic to work with you in order for you to reach your full potential. We will help you build your confidence and grow your curiosity for Mathematics. Work is scaffolded to be inclusive and yet challenging so that there are no limits on your progress. We are approachable at all times to support your growth.”

Once you have decided to finish your Mathematics at Newlands we would hope that you have developed a strong sense of enjoyment and curiosity for Mathematics and this continues to be embodied within you always. We envisage that you will have the tools to approach problems head on, be able to solve them confidently and have the skills to not let anything hold you back. We strive to ensure that when you look back at your time at Newlands, you remember with a smile and a sense of pride in what you have achieved.

We follow the GCSE and A Level Maths and Further Maths Edexcel Specification.