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Girls’ School


Maths Mission Statement

The Newlands Mathematics Department aims to provide professional, enthusiastic and diverse mathematics lessons in a helpful, friendly and supportive environment.

We believe Newlands Girls should be independent learners, capable of excelling at all challenges. We encourage the girls to strive for academic excellence through meaningful extension activities.

We expect Newlands Girls and Staff to be dedicated, hard-working and committed to their Mathematics.

Current set of statistics for Mathematics:

GCSE Grades 4 to 9
2010 79%
2011 82%
2012 85%
2013 83%
2014 83%
2015 78%
2016 90%
2017 92%
2018 89%


A-Level A* to C
2010 87%
2011 74%
2012 86%
2013 84%
2014 87%
2015 90%
2016 88%
2017 73%
2018 89%


Wednesday Maths Club

Every Wednesday afternoon from 3:15 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.  The Maths Department offers “Maths Club” to students, where they can come and get help with their homework, assignments or general understanding. This is conducted by Maths staff and the Maths Captains.

Maths Captains

Maths Captains are appointed in Year 13 and their role is to support the Maths Department. They do this by attending KS3 classes and helping students, organise and promote “Maths Club” and help “World of Maths Day”.


We expect all girls to have a ruler, calculator, protractor and compass during lessons.

The Department sells calculators for £5.50 and maths sets for £1.50.