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Library Newsletter

Library Newsletter - No:1 - 'Beyond the Books' - June 2020
Library Newsletter - No:2 - 'Beyond the Books' - July 2020
Library Newsletter - No:3 - 'Beyond the Books' - October 2020
Library Newsletter - No:4 - 'Beyond the Books' - December 2020
Library Newsletter - No:5 - 'Beyond the Books' - February 2021
Library Newsletter - No:6 - 'Beyond the Books' - June 2021

Recommended Reading Lists

Recommended Reading List Year 7
Recommended Reading List Year 8
Recommended Reading List Year 9
Books of the Month

Classics Challenge

Read a selection of the classics to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  House points and other rewards are given for completing each level and students who complete the Gold level will have their names engraved on a plaque in the Library. 

List of books
Classics Challenge form

Opening Hours

Each Year group has their own bubble day to use the Library.  The Librarian collects and returns any students who want to come to the Library from their Library Meeting Point in their Year zone at the beginning and end of break and lunch.  

Library Days for Year Groups

Monday – Year 8

- Break – Year 7  
 - Lunch – Year 7 

- Lunch – Year 7 

Thursday – Year 9

Friday – Year 10

The Sixth Form have exclusive use of the Library QSA and are welcome to come and speak to the Librarian at any time for help.

Borrowing Books

Please bring your Library card to the desk to issue books. 

  • Years 7 to 11 may borrow 2 items
  • Years 12 & 13 may borrow 4 items

Choosing a Reading Book

  • Cover - Does the cover look exciting?
  • Title - Does it sound appealing?
  • Blurb - When I read the blurb does it sound interesting? (Look on the back of the book!)
  • Author - Have I heard of this author? Do I like other books they have written?
  • Key Words - Does it say "based on a TV show" or "mystery" or other things I like?
  • Genre - Do I like this type of book (for example comic or adventure)
  • "Dip in" - Choose a page and read it.  Do I like what I read?

Please click here to see what books are available in the Library:

Library Catalogue