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Girls’ School

KS5 - Photography

Photography is both a form of communication and a means of capturing a moment in a specific time period or highlighting an important event. It is an individual momentary response; it encourages imagination and sensitivity, analytical ability and individual development of practical skill.

Course structure

The Year 12 programme will involve a series of integrated practical, critical and theoretical study.  Using a variety of processes and students produce critical/contextual work in one or more areas of study for example portraiture, landscape photography, still-life photography, documentary photography and photojournalism. Students explore manipulating image through darkroom practice, Photoshop and physical manipulation.

At A-Level in Component 1 you will undertake further practical investigations, evidencing critical and contextual understanding whilst creating new, innovative ways of processing a photograph using a range of techniques. Component 1 is an independent extended project linked to your interests and technical development. This includes a 1,000-3,000 word written reflection.


How will I be assessed for this course?

At A-Level you will complete two components of coursework.

Component 1 is a personal investigation; this will include a written element of between 1,000- 3,000 words, which sits alongside your practical work.                                                                                                                                   (60% of A- Level).

Component 2 is an externally set assignment given by the examination board, AQA.   This includes preparation time and 15 hours of supervised time.                                                                                                                                               (40% of A-Level).

For more information please visit the AQA website -

Course requirements:

As entry to the course you must have a keen interest in this subject.

For more information visit AQA -