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Girls’ School

KS5 – A-Level Chemistry

Chemistry is the basis for life. As such, A Level Chemistry provides an excellent background for students wishing to understand life sciences in detail. Chemistry is “the central science”, making connections with concepts covered in Biology, Physics and Mathematics. A-Level Chemistry also helps students to develop wider skills, especially problem solving skills, which are highly sought out by top Universities and employers in a range of areas.

The results of research in Chemistry are all around us and helps to improve our daily lives. Indeed, research in Chemistry holds the key to the problems faced by future  generations, from sustainable fuels and improving our atmosphere to developing new drugs and materials.

What will I learn on this course?

The Year 12 content builds on what students have learned in GCSE about atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical reactions and organic chemistry.

In Year 13, students will expand their knowledge of Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. The course incorporates a range of practical tasks to illustrate theoretical concepts and to develop a range of investigative and technical skills.

How will I be assessed for this course?

· In Year 12 you will complete an internal examination.

· In Year 13 there are three examination papers, which will assess theoretical and practical aspects of               the course.