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Girls’ School


Year 12

In Year 12, students learn to express and defend their views on a range of interesting topics, including aspects of society and culture in the countries where the language is spoken.  They also study a film.

Year 13

In Year 13, students learn to debate and counter views on the topics above, extending to multiculturalism and aspects of political  life in the countries where the language is spoken.  They will take up the study of a novel and continue the study of either the same film as in Year 12 or a new one.

Students will be internally assessed at the end of Year 12 and externally examined at the end of Year 13 with the AQA Examination Board

Students work with additional films, authentic texts, newspapers, IT and native French, German or Spanish Language Assistants.

There are three examinations in each year:

  • Paper 1 - Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Paper 2 - Writing - based on the study of the film and/or literary text
  • Paper 3 - Speaking - to include discussion of a project students have researched independently

Examples of specimen materials from the new specification A-Level can be found via the links below: