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Girls’ School


A-Level Mathematics - (2 year course)

Pupils will follow the curriculum which is a fully linear, 2 year course.

We will be following the Edexcel-Pearson Specification and pupils will be assessed at the end of Year 13 over three papers.

All assessments will need to be taken in a single exam series. Retaking the complete qualification is allowed, but resits of individual papers is not.

A-Level Mathematics: Assessment schedule:

A-Level Mathematics: Paper Content:


A-Level Mathematics: Additional support

We subscribe to a variety of resources to support the learning of our pupils: 

  • An online edition of the textbook.
  • which provides access to materials directly linked to the textbook.
  • Integral maths which provides access to lessons, additional questions and solutions, revision material and much, much more.
  • – a great resource providing explanations and practice questions.