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Girls’ School


Year 10 and Year 11

The AQA GCSE course offers students the opportunity to develop their performance skills, explore new styles of theatre and performance and the chance to work in an equipped department complete with a specialist performance space, and a range of technical equipment.

This specification engages and encourages students to become confident performers and designers with the skills they need for a bright and successful future.

Because performance is paramount We've built in as much opportunity as possible for students to do what they like best – participate in performance.

All students devise drama.

All students explore texts practically and work on two text-based performances.

Students can choose to develop as a: • performer • designer (lighting, sound, set, costume, puppets) • performer and designer. Whichever option they choose, students can be sure to gather many invaluable skills, both theatrical and transferable, to expand their horizons.

Subject Content

The subject content details the knowledge, understanding and skills that students are expected to develop throughout the course of study. The subject content for GCSE Drama is divided into three components:

1.  Understanding drama

2.  Devising drama

3.  Texts in practice 

Guidance is also provided on the theatrical skills students will need to work on. In the practical components students may specialise in performing, lighting, sound, set, costume and/or puppets.