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Girls’ School



Nature of the course

Over the two year course you will produce a portfolio which will contain a body of work addressing the four assessment criteria. During your study you will be given starting points, briefs or scenarios to inspire your creative explorations. Visits to Galleries and Museums are an essential part of your learning and enable you to further develop your skills in recording from direct observation, using a variety of media and processes. Working independently is important as it will enable you to extend your ideas and research. Each unit will produce a variety of final pieces showing how your ideas come together in inventive ways.


The coursework portfolio is made up of at least 2 components which may include sketchbook entries, mounted pieces and three dimensional works. All the work submitted will be personal, informed and meaningful.

The Fine Art Portfolio forms 60% of the overall GCSE mark. The examination set task in Year 11 forms the remaining 40% of the overall GCSE grade. All preparation work has to be completed to address the assessment criteria; and the exam piece is produced over 10 hours of supervised time within the department.

Past Papers

Please see the AQA Official Website for more information -

Exam Timetable

Usually Terminal Examinations take place in April/May of the Academic Year.

Exam Boards

We use the AQA Syllabus.