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Girls’ School


Building on their Key Stage 3 knowledge, students will start learning the AQA Science GCSE content in Year 9.  We offer two pathways at GCSE, AQA Combined Science (Trilogy) GCSE or AQA Separate Science GCSEs.

In the Combined Science course students study all three of the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and achieve the equivalent of two GCSEs. 

The Separate Science qualification is a more rigorous course with additional content to cover so lessons will proceed at a faster pace in Year 11 and will require a greater level of independent study.  By following this pathway, students will achieve GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, rather than studying Combined Science which is equivalent to two GCSEs. 

We offer the Separate Science pathway at end of Year 10 with the selection based on a student’s achievement in their end of topic assessments and the end of year exam.

All examinations are taken at the end of Year 11 with all students sitting 6 papers, 2 each from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  In addition to the content learnt there will be questions on the required experiments that students will have completed in class and the relevant practical skills.

Studying Combined Science GCSE will not impact on a student’s opportunity to study Science A-Levels.   A student will be able to opt for any of the sciences at A-Level, providing her grades meet the entry requirements.