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Girls’ School


Years 10 and 11

All pupils in Years 10 and 11 have an hour of core PE per week (in addition to the 5 hours per fortnight is GCSE PE is chosen as an option).  Pupils will have the opportunity to follow a Unit of Work on leadership, through which they learn how to plan and lead activities for their peers.  Within this, they will cover a number of sports, similar to Key Stage 3.


As an option, pupils may choose to study GCSE PE – This comprises of both theory and practical lessons. The final grade is made up of 40% practical and 60% theory.  We teach the Edexcel full course GCSE PE specification. Pupils have five lessons per fortnight – 3 theory and 2 practical.

Topics covered:

Practical – Pupils study both team games and individual activities. All pupils are taught and assessed in all activities throughout the course and for their final GCSE assessment have to choose 3 activities.

Theory – A range of topics are taught, including health and fitness, components of fitness, training methods, effects of exercise on the body, body systems, injuries and their prevention, diet, drugs in sport, skill classification, commercialisation, sponsorship and the media in sport.


Theory – 2 exam papers at the end of Year 11, comprising 60% of the total grade.

Practical – 3 sports are assessed: One individual sport, one team sport and one other. This makes up 30% of the total grade

Coursework – All pupils have to plan, complete and evaluate a Personal Exercise Programme.  This is 10% of the total grade.