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Girls’ School


In Key Stage 3 students study from the national curriculum, and cover all topic areas; Number, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.  Our Scheme of Work is designed to build on what they have learnt in Key Stage 2 as well as embedding problem-solving techniques to help them understand how to apply their Maths skills.  

All pupils have access to the text books used during school and they also have their own electronic copy available 24 hours a day.

All pupils in Key Stage 3 are “set” in Maths from January of Year 7. There are two sides to the year group timetable, the X and Y half, and four sets in each half of the year group. Sets are reviewed regularly throughout each year.



Pupils in Year 7 are assessed when they start at Newlands. There are five further major assessments (three Chapter tests and two Essentials tests), one in each of the remaining terms.

Pupils in Year 8 have three Chapter tests (December, March and June) as well as two Essentials tests and a formula test in the remaining terms.

Pupils in Year 9 have an end of Key Stage 3 exam in December. In March and June they have chapter tests. In the remaining terms they have two Essentials tests and a formula test.

As part of our KS3 programme all students have formal and informal assessments throughout the year and at the end of each topic.



Pupils who show in aptitude for Maths in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 are invited to join our Mathletes programme (which is designed for the Most Able students).  This program runs throughout the year and we meet twice every half term.  Pupils are designated into groups from mixed year groups and work together to solve applied challenging problems.  The “Mathletes” then present their own solution to fellow students, staff and Senior Leadership.