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Girls’ School


•  History at KS3 is taught by specialist and highly experienced staff.

•  The Department promotes independent learning through projects such as ‘Contact with the Past’, in           which Year 9 students investigate the effects of the First World War in our local area.

•  For over a decade, we have offered Year 9 students the opportunity to join a 3-day visit to France and          Belgium as part of their studies of the First World War. This includes memorials such as Thiepval and          the Menin Gate; cemeteries including Tyne Cot; and the battlefield sites of Vimy Ridge and                              Newfoundland Park. 

Programme of Study

•  Students will be assessed through five pieces of work which are common across the year group.  Two          of these form the end of year exam, for which students will be required to revise the work they have            studied during the year.

•  Other pieces of class and homework will be set and assessed as determined by the individual teacher          in accordance with school policies.

•  The KS3 History curriculum is particularly strong in promoting awareness of citizenship, politics, industry,    economics, and religious and ethnic diversity and toleration.

Year 7

Term 1:         Introduction to History: chronology, evidence, causation and change

Terms 2-5:   Mediaeval England, 1066-1500

Term 6:         Britain 1500-1750

Year 8

Terms 1-3:   Britain 1500-1750

Terms 4-5:  Britain 1750-1900

Term 6:        The Slave Trade and Slavery

Year 9

Terms 1-2:    The First World War

Terms 3-4:   The Second World War and its consequences

Terms 5-6:   The American West 1835-1895