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Girls’ School


Students use technology in every aspect of their lives, and in Computing we develop their awareness of the digital world around them.

Computing is a subject that is new to the majority of Year 7 students and while we may think that students are digitally literate, we focus on developing key knowledge and skills including online safety. These equip students to be adept users of technology in both the computing and wider curriculum.

By the end of Key Stage 3 students will have learned how computers function, how applications and algorithms are programmed, how modern systems and networks are built and will be exposed to a range of different programming languages and systems. They will have the courage to try out their own algorithms and ideas in programs they develop as well as the commitment needed to develop software. Students will learn to appreciate the mathematics underpinning computer systems as well as the impact these systems have on their lives. Students will develop knowledge of how to use computer systems to undertake creative projects using a wide range of software.

Lessons take place in 3 dedicated classrooms each equipped with 33 networked computers. As well as these computers, students use Raspberry Pis, Microbits, standalone PCs to give them active hands-on experience of different hardware.

Computing is integral to other subjects and students will have the opportunity to apply their ICT and computing knowledge in lessons throughout their wider curriculum.

Students progressing to study Computer Science as a GCSE will build on these programming skills so they can understand and build the key algorithms that underpin computer science as well as developing their theoretical understanding of computing technologies.