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Girls’ School


In Key Stage 3 the students work on a range of Topics and Themes which are designed primarily to broaden their knowledge of Artists, Designers & Craftspeople and help them explore their ideas in a broad range of media.



The Key Stage 3 curriculum includes Ceramics, Painting, Graphics, Collage, Printing and Observational Drawing.

In Year 7 students are introduced to skills which they will develop throughout Key stage 3, allowing them to confidently choose the subject at GCSE in Year 10. 

In Years 7, 8 and 9 our artists respond to key themes such as portraiture, still life, landscape and natural forms as well as links with other subjects such as literature, technology and science (for example in our Year 8 project, which is based around entomology and the observational study of insects).

An example of a Year 7 project:  Inspired by the Artist Mark Hearld, students work in small groups to devise a scene based on the habitats of animals.  Printing processes are taught, explored and refined over the course of several weeks.  The group works together to compose their final image which is a mixed media piece.

Homework will include: Researching and analysing the work of the artist, producing a colour copy of one of his illustrations, and observational drawings linked to the theme.