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Girls’ School


Key Stage Three and beyond…

Drama is a popular and exciting subject at Newlands. Academic drama is studied in the Sixth Form at A-Level and in Years 10 and 11 to GCSE.  Years 7, 8 and 9 have one drama lesson a week in mixed ability classes.

Drama lessons at Newlands are always active, students are encouraged to develop their creativity and imaginations. They are continuously presented with new challenges and their confidence and performance skills are promoted through the stimulating Drama curriculum. Students will take part in a range of devised, scripted, naturalistic, and non-naturalistic performance assignments.

Drama at Newlands is aimed at broadening pupil’s understanding of performance skills, practitioners, and theatre styles, but also builds on pupil’s interpersonal and ability to communicate verbally, and using non-verbal skills and empathise.

We run regular trips to the theatre both local and further afield. We also have frequent visits from theatre practitioners who run workshops and present pieces for us in school.

The Department organises regular theatre visits for GCSE and A-Level students and after-school trips for Key Stage 3.  School performances are TBC, Years 12/13 examination performances, usually take place in Drama Studio 1 in the Spring term.