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Girls’ School

Home Learning

Years 12 and 13

If you are not unwell but have been asked to isolate, please have your laptop on and connected to the internet with Microsoft Teams open when you have your timetabled Psychology lesson. You will be dialled in, so you need to press “join meeting” and enable your camera.

You will be able to see and hear the lesson including the PowerPoint, and we will be able to see and hear you, so it’s the closest thing to being in class.

If for any reason this is not appropriate for you, please email Ms Hannah-Ghose on the morning of a lesson.  In that case work will be emailed to you.   

If you are unwell, then you should be resting, so we will not dial you in, but please contact us when you start to feel better, and we will send you some work.

Remember you can access the necessary resources for the psychology lesson on TEAMS.