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Girls’ School

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Term 4

Year 7 - Christianity: Practices

Lesson 1: Nature of Worship: Types of worship

Lesson 2: Nature of Worship: Buildings

Year 8 – Judaism: Practices

Lesson 1: Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Lesson 2: Food Laws

Year 9 - Ethics

Lesson 1: What is Ethic?

Lesson 2: Non-religious Approaches to Equality

Year 10 - Islamic beliefs and teachings:

Lesson 1: Prophets

Lesson 2: Imamate (shia’a Islam)

Lesson 3: Holy Books

Lesson 4: Life After Death

Lesson 5: Predestination

Year 11 – Religion, Crime and Punishment

Lesson 1: Crime and Punishment in the UK

Lesson 2: Reasons for crime

Lesson 3: Law breakers and types of crime (Christianity)

Lesson 4: Law breakers and types of crime (Islam)

Lesson 5: Aims of punishment

A-Level work will be issued to students individually as required. 

Years 12 and 13

Please note that bespoke work will be set by the subject teachers and emailed to students.