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Girls’ School

Home Learning

Religious Studies: Home learning tasks 

Year 7

Christian Practices

Lesson 1: Types of worship

Lesson 2: Nature of Worship: Buildings

Lesson 3:  Baptism

Lesson 4: Eucharist

Year 8

Religious and non-religious world views on creation

Lesson 1: Creation -Judaism

Lesson 2: Creation -Christianity

Lesson 3 – Scientific Views on the Origins of the Universe

Lesson 4: Scientific Views on the Origins of Humanity

Year 9


Lesson 1: Dhamma, Karma and Rebirth

Lesson 2: Buddhist Scripture

Lesson 3: Revision of Buddhist Philosophy

Lesson 4: Deliberate Practice

Year 10

Christian Practices

Lesson 1: Pilgrimage

Lesson 2:  Festivals

Lesson 3: Recap and Practices

Lesson 4: The Church in the local community

Lesson 5: Growth of the Church

Lesson 6: Responses to persecution

Lesson 7: Reconciliation

Year 11

Religion and life

Lesson 1: Environmental issues

Lesson 2: Treatment of Animals - (Animal testing)

Lesson 3: Treatment of Animals (Food)

Lesson 4: Abortion

lesson 5: Euthanasia

Lesson 6: Death and Afterlife

Lesson 7: Revision

Lesson 8: Exam Practice

Years 12 and 13

Please note that bespoke work will be set by the subject teachers and emailed to students.