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Girls’ School


The Geography Department at Newlands is thriving and successful and consistently achieves some of the best exam results in the school at both GCSE and A-Level.

Geography is taught in 3 dedicated classrooms and all are equipped with digital projectors so video and DVD footage can be projected and have wireless networking facilities to allow students to use laptops in the classrooms. The Department also has a wide range of textbooks and worksheets in use to support students learning.

Our aim is to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to understand and value their surroundings and the society that they live in.  They are encouraged to ask geographical questions, conduct independent research and consider the interaction between physical processes and people’s lives. They will be aware of the spatial context of things ranging from the local to the global scale and will develop essential geographical skills which will be relevant in later life.

Why study geography?

Geography focuses on PLACES and PEOPLE so is directly relevant to all students. 

  • Students will learn about local and global issues and be aware of events around you.
  • Students will understand the relationships between people and the environment and appreciate that different people have different views.
  • Students will have opportunities through fieldwork for first hand investigation of places, environments and human behaviour.
  • Students will develop a range of life skills including ICT, problem-solving, team-working and communication skills.