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Girls’ School


At Newlands we are committed to inspiring our students to foster a sense of responsibility towards the planet and the people and places within it.

Our aim is to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to understand and value their surroundings and the society that they live in.  They are encouraged to ask geographical questions, conduct independent research and consider the interaction between physical processes and people’s lives. They will be aware of the spatial context of things ranging from the local to the global scale and will develop a wide range of skills and abilities to enable them to understand their world, for their Geography studies and beyond.

Ultimately, we want our pupils to be thoughtful global citizens, understand what is going on around them and understand how they can choose to make a difference. #beaglobalcitizen

Trips and activities

Fieldwork is a critical part of the Geography curriculum, and it is our aim to equip students with the skills to carry out fieldwork in Human and Physical Geography, starting with the school grounds in years 7 and 8 followed by trips to Kew Gardens and the Dorset Coast in Year 9.  At Key Stage 4 fieldwork is a compulsory part of the GCSE course and all students take part in 2 days fieldwork during trips to the River Pang and Maidenhead and Cookham.  At Key Stage 5 fieldwork is again a compulsory part of the curriculum with all students taking part in a 3 day residential trip to the Dorset coast alongside local fieldwork days in Maidenhead and Cookham.  Students are expected to use ICT to present and analyse data, drawing conclusions and evaluating the fieldwork process.  The aim of our fieldwork studies is to give students an insight into the importance of primary research and the role of secondary data to further inform findings.  Fieldwork skills are vital for higher level study in Geography and our aim is that by Key Stage 5 students can design and conduct a piece of independent fieldwork.