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Girls’ School

Business KS5

A-Level Business (AQA)

The aim of this course is to develop a critical understanding of business organisations from a variety of perspectives. This involves the consideration of the internal workings and management of organisations and, in particular, the process of decision-making in a dynamic external environment. Students will also acquire a range of skills including problem solving, decision-making, teamwork and critical thinking.

In Year 12, students will focus on what business is—planning, management and leadership.  They will further explore the four key functional areas of Marketing, Human Resources (HR), Operations and Finance and their decision-making.

 In Year 13, there will be a deeper coverage of these areas plus investigating  strategic planning , change management, business culture and the external environment.


1. What is business?

2.  Managers, leadership and decision making

3.  Decision making to improve marketing performance

4.  Decision making to improve operational performance

5 Decision making to improve financial performance

6 Decision making to improve human resource performance

7. Analysing the strategic position of a business

8. Choosing strategic direction

9. Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies

10. Managing  strategic change