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Girls’ School


The Attendance Policy was updated in November 2020. 
The full version of the Governors' Attendance Policy is available on the school's website.
Attendance email address:
Telephone number: 01628 502663
The Headteacher will authorise absence for a student when it is through illness and for recognised days of religious observance of the faith to which their parents/carers belong.  We ask you, if at all possible, to arrange routine dental and medical appointments outside school hours. We recognise that this is not always possible and that emergency visits are sometimes necessary.
In addition, the Headteacher may authorise absence for approved educational activities.  For example, study leave prior to public examinations, to participate in National or International sporting events, to attend the funeral of a close relative or to attend an interview.
Holiday leave cannot be authorised.
In view of the pressure on places at the school, the Governors reserve the right in cases of lengthy unauthorised absence to remove the student's name from the school roll. You would then have to re-apply for a place on your return and there is no guarantee that a space will be available.
When you know in advance that your daughter will have to miss school for any reason e.g. for an operation, we ask you to inform us in writing beforehand. It also helps if we have an indication of likely the length of absence.
Accurate attendance figures are key to ensuring students are kept safe and vital in the case of a fire. Any girl who leaves the school premises or arrives late during the school day is required to sign the book in the Reception Office.
If your daughter is absent from school due to illness, we ask that you inform us by 9.30 a.m. on each day of absence.   If the initial communication is by telephone, this will need to be followed up in writing, by letter or email (, as soon as possible. Unexplained absences will be followed up by the Attendance Officer or the Education Welfare Officer.
Requests for leave of absence should be addressed to the Headteacher. We give sympathetic consideration in cases such as family funerals, or for examinations which have to be taken at fixed times. Whilst not wishing to be unreasonable, we do seek to keep absence to a minimum since casual attendance not only affects students' performance but is also poor training for life after school. It is important that girls do not miss lessons, except when it is unavoidable. Non educational trips to events such as Wimbledon will not be authorised.  Requests for absence to participate in theatrical productions or modelling assignments will be considered on an individual basis. (In such cases reference will be made to the student’s most recent report).