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Girls’ School


Ex-Newlands Girls - whether you are 18 or 110 please allow us to provide you with an alumni area of the website that entertains, reminisces and informs you.

We would love to publicise any reunions that you may be having.

1.  If you have a story of the early years of Newlands that will both entertain and bring back those "happy" memories from years gone by then we would love to have them - they must of course be legal, decent and honest so we can put them onto the website!

2.  If you have some news about yourself - new job, location, baby or weddings etc, then again, we would love to be able to publicise this to the masses of people who visit our website daily.

3. Please contact us if you would like to share your career experience with our students during one of their World of Work events or in an after school seminar; they find much inspiration in our visiting speakers! We also welcome real life stories and advice to include in our alumni booklet.

Please send any of the above or indeed anything that may be of interest to us to with the subject line: Alumni News. Be sure to mention what year you graduated and your name.

If anyone is planning a class reunion, please let us know so we can publicise it.

Contact us at

Please click here to see a copy of our Alumni booklet.