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Girls’ School


An overview of E-Safety at Newlands Girls’ School

E-Safety describes a school’s approach to protect and educate pupils and staff in their use of technology and to have the mechanisms in place to intervene and support where appropriate. Our approach to E-Safety is continually evolving, in response to society’s changing use of technology and the internet.

Contentensuring that girls are not exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material; for example pornography, fake news, racist or radical and extremist views;

Contactensuring that girls are not being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users; for example commercial advertising as well as adults posing as children or young adults;

Conduct: supporting girls in ensuring that their personal online behaviour does not increase the likelihood of harm, or causes harm to others; for example making, sending and receiving explicit images, or online bullying.


The Governing Body and Headteacher have overall responsibility for ensuring that Newlands   has effective E-Safety policies and procedures in place, with the day-to-day management of   this delegated to the E-Safety Officer.  However, it is good practice to view E-Safety as being     a shared responsibility between Governors, Staff, Students and Parents.

Newlands will endeavour to ensure that you, as parents, have access to current information. This will support you in acquiring the skills and knowledge required to ensure the safety of    your daughters outside the school environment. A list of useful website links and resources     can be found below. These will be reviewed and regularly updated.

Pupils are permitted access to the school network and IT equipment after they and a parent/carer have signed our Acceptable Use Agreement. The rules set out in this agreement are in place to support everyone to stay safe online.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school, should you wish to discuss E-Safety further.

The E-Safety Officer for the school is Mr A. Morbey, Deputy Headteacher

Leaflets for Parent/Carers: