Year 8


Head of Year 8: Miss C. Young 

Leadership Team Link: Mr J. O'Connell


Form Tutors

8A  –  Miss G. Kennedy
8B  –  Mr R. Clark
8C  –  Miss M. Chapman
8D  –  Mrs P. Bateman
8E  –  Mr E. Woodward
8F  –  Mr J. Georgiou



Expectations for Year 8 Girls

To work hard in all subjects and to achieve your very best
To be a friendly and supportive to your Year 7 buddy
To participate in a minimum of two extra-curricular and inter-house activities
To become a valued member of the school community
To maintain a friendly atmosphere around the school


Focus for Year 8 Girls

Year 8 Panto
Mini Enterprise
HPV awareness


Homework for Year 8 Girls

This year girls should expect between 3-4 pieces of homework each evening.

Homework can be in the form of writing, reading, drawing, researching or practising.

Deadlines for homework are set by the class teacher.

Homework may be due on a day when your daughter does not have that subject.


Pastoral Programme

Monday –  Launch Thought for the Week
Tuesday – Assembly
Wednesday – Planner checking & silent reading
Thursday – Pastoral Programme
Friday – Thought for the Week Presentations

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