Year 7


Head of Year:  Miss B. Weightman

Leadership Team Link: Mrs S. Nuttycombe


Form Tutors

7A  -  Miss K. Jolly
7B  -  Miss R. Ponter
7C  -  Mr C. Beach and Mrs T. Kang
7D  -  Mrs L. Hughes
7E  -  Miss N. Wheeler
7F  -  Mrs S. Bassou and Mrs A. McCarthy


Expectations for Year 7 Girls

To work hard in all subjects and to achieve your very best.
To be a friendly and supportive to your Year 7 peers.
To participate in a minimum of two extra-curricular and inter-house activities.
To become a valued member of the school community.
To maintain a friendly atmosphere around the school.


Pastoral Programme

Monday – Pastoral Programme & Launch Thought for the Week
Tuesday – Assembly
Wednesday – Rise & Read for 7ABC from after half term break.  Planner signing and silent reading
Thursday – Rise & Read for 7DEF from after half term break.  Form Points and Buddying.
Friday – Thought for the Week Presentations


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