Year 11

Sixth Form Application Form



All subjects are offering additional support ahead of the main GCSE examinations, often in the form of revision sessions taking place before, during or after the school day. Subject teachers will have further information, so girls should approach a member of staff if they need clarification on the arrangements or advice on which sessions to attend. We wish all our Newlands girls the very best in their examinations and look forward to celebrating their success with them on August 22nd.


Year 11 will be a busy year at Newlands Girls’ School.  It is the last year of the girls GCSEs.  In addition to completing their coursework and taking their final exams the girls will hopefully take the time to continue to participate in the many extra-curricular activities on offer.  This is also the time that they need to make some decisions about their post GCSE choices. 



Head of Year 11: Miss W. Bennett

Leadership Team Link: Mr J. O'Connell


Form Tutors

11A - Mrs J. Turner and Ms L. Exworth
11B - Mr A. Roestenburg
11C - Mrs A. Long
11D - Ms E. Le Cuirot
11E - Miss L. Viles
11F - Miss M. Neveu


Pastoral Programme

Monday – News Time, Launch Thought for the Week
Tuesday – Silent Reading, Planner signing and House Point Collection
Wednesday – Pastoral Programme
Thursday - Assembly
Friday – Thought for the Week


GCSE Revision items:

French GCSE AQA Vocabulary

German GCSE AQA Vocabulary

Spanish GCSE AQA Vocabulary

Literary Terms and Definitions - Key Knowledge Organiser

Maths GCSE Formula List

Physics Equation Sheet - Combined Science

Reactivity Series

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