Department & Curriculum Information


 Head of Department:  Miss M. Claxton 
 Leadership Team Link:    Mrs H. Walker, Assistant Headteacher
 Teachers: Mrs K. Campbell, Head of Year 8
  Mrs H. McMahon, Head of Year 9
  Mrs K. White
  Miss C. Young
  Ms L. Exworth (Maternity Leave 2017-2018) 


Aims of the Department



These aims will be achieved through the NC Programmes of Study for each key stage (see NC document) with particular reference to the general requirements which relate to them.


In physical education lessons pupils will be taught to:

  • be physically active;
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding mainly through physical actions and verbal explanations;
    be aware at the same time of terminology relevant to activities undertaken;
  • engage in activities that involve the whole body, maintain flexibility and develop strength, endurance and cardiovascular health.


In order to become independent learners, pupils will be enabled to:

  • observe the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour;
  • understand and cope with a variety of outcomes, including both success and failure;
  • be aware of the effects and consequences of their actions on others and on the environment;
  • appreciate the strengths and be aware of the weaknesses of both themselves and others in relation to different activities.

To ensure safe practice pupils will be taught to:


  • be concerned with their own and others’ safety in all activities undertaken;
  • understand the importance of warming up for, and recovery from, exercise, thus preventing injury;
  • adopt good posture and the correct use of the body at all times;
  • lift, carry and place equipment safely;
  • observe the rules of good hygiene;
  • understand why particular clothing, footwear and protection are worn for different activities;
  • understand the safety risks of wearing inappropriate clothing, footwear and jewellery;
  • respond readily to instructions and signals within established routines and follow relevant rules and codes.

Physical education involves pupils in the continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating. They will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding involved in areas which encompass athletics, dance, games, gymnastics and swimming. Within these areas they will experience working individually and with others in a safe way, in a safe environment. The pupils will also be taught and made aware of aspects of heath related fitness in all areas of activity.


Pupils will experience dances from different traditions, from the British Isles and elsewhere.


Cross Curricular Themes

Within the GCSE, JSLA, CSLA and A-Level pupils will look in detail at careers in sport.


Throughout PE in all years’ pupils are constantly made aware of the health and fitness aspects of participating in physical activities, and the role of exercise in establishing and maintaining health.



In all areas of activity, we vary our teaching and learning styles to encourage children of differing abilities to achieve success and progress. We have excellent facilities and equipment to challenge both the able and less able.


All pupils are continually assessed in all activities. These assessments are then discussed within the whole department and an overall report grade for performance and an effort grade are published twice a year.



Years 7 to 9


In Key Stage 3 pupils have 2 hours of PE per week and cover the following sports over the course of the three years:


Hockey, Netball, Football, Badminton, Orienteering, Fitness, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket


All of these activities are also run as extra-curricular clubs, both at lunchtime and after school.  Additional extracurricular activities include Indoor Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and Rounders.





Extra-curricular clubs are run in:


Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Rounders, Indoor Hockey, Trampolining, Volleyball, Basketball, Fitness, Cricket.




As an option pupils may choose to study GCSE PE – This comprises of both theory and practical lessons. The final grade is made up of 40% practical and 60% theory.  We teach the Edexcel full course GCSE PE specification.


GCSE Topics covered (in 5 lessons per fortnight – 3 practicals, 2 theory):


The practical and theoretical aspects of games.
Practical – team games and individual activities.
Theory – Health and Fitness. Components of fitness. Training methods. Effects of exercise on the body. Body systems. Injuries and their prevention. Diet. Drugs in sport. 






Years 12 and 13


Year 12 (1 hour per week)


Students choose activities which they follow for a half term.


Year 12 Optional – OCR A Level Physical Education (H555)

A-Level PE is taught across Years 12 and 13 in 9 lessons per fortnight as a mixture of practical and theory lessons. Topics included are anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition, psychology and contemporary issues. The final grade is made up of 70% Theory and 30% Practical.




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