School Council

We encourage the students to be involved in all aspects of school life. The Student Council represents the student body and drives forward ideas and suggestions to improve the school community, giving the students a voice.  For example, the School Council has contributed to the designing of a new Science laboratory; worked with the Site Team on improvements to the way we recycle our waste, and choose the charities the school is to support during each year such as, Parkinsons UK, Thames Valley Adventure Playground and Sportsable.


All pupils are eligible to stand for election onto the Council, which is chaired by the Head Girls. Girls learn about the processes behind a democracy by nominating and voting for their peers or standing themselves for election to the Council. They take part in debates, put forward their own and their peers’ ideas and develop skills in listening and speaking in public. The School Council enables its members to take an active part in representing the school community and to effect change within their school.


October 2018


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