• To extend the knowledge and skills of the individual so that she may come to understand more about the society in which she lives.
  • To increase the ability of the individual to understand herself and her relations with others and to enable her to make informed choices.
  • To develop an awareness of adult working life and some of the choices this may involve.
  • To contribute to the delivery of cross-curricular themes, careers education and guidance, citizenship, economic and industrial understanding, environmental education, health education and moral education.


The programme is delivered on a modular basis and girls are taught in their form groups. A range of teaching materials are used including worksheets, questionnaires, reference books and other resources, including videos, the internet and CD ROMs.  External agencies are widely used in the subject both to enhance and reinforce the sessions taught by staff and also to highlight important topics.  The Police Liaison Officer takes a session in year 8 and a further session in year 10.  We have guest speakers representing the University of Surrey and RBWM’s youth work team.  The variety and nature of the methods and material employed allow each girl to develop, to the full, her knowledge and understanding in this aspect of her education.

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