The new Edexcel- A-Level Geography Syllabus

The new A-Level consists of 4 papers


  • Unit 1 The Dynamic Planet

  • Unit 2  Dynamic Places

  • Unit 3 A Synoptic paper

  • Unit 4  Course work 3,000 to 4,000 words.


The A-Level course


The A-Level Geography Course


Paper 1   The Dynamic Planet: 2 hours 15 minutes exam

In Year 12 we study Tectonic Processes and Hazards and Landscape Systems, Processes and Change- coastal landscapes.  In Year 13: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity, the Carbon Cycle and Energy Security and Climate Change Futures.


Paper 2   Dynamic places: 2 hours 15 minutes exam

In Year 12 we study Globalisation, plus Shaping Places- Diverse Places (demographic and cultural change)


In Year 13: Superpowers and Migration Identity and Sovereignty


Paper 3   The synoptic paper: 2 hours and 15 mins exam

This is based on a resource booklet. It will be based on areas of compulsory content in the course and comprises of resource- based questions and extended writing. The aim is to assess understanding and the ability to draw synoptic links across different subject areas.


Paper 4   The Independent Investigation

Here the student defines a question or issue for investigation, relating to the compulsory or optional content of the course, with teacher guidance. The topic may relate to any aspect of Geography contained within the specification and must include their own fieldwork.


There will be 4 days of compulsory fieldwork to support students in their choice of hypotheses for the Independent Investigation. Our Geography fieldwork will be undertaken on a 3 day visit to Leeson House FSC in Swanage, Dorset, plus a day in our local area. The ‘Individual Investigation’ data collection will then be undertaken in the summer term of Year 12. It will be internally assessed and will then be moderated externally by Edexcel examiners. The guidelines are for 3,000-4,000 words. This is started in Year 12.






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