Year 10/11

In accordance with GCSE specifications, students widen and deepen their linguistic knowledge in the following broad topic areas:

Home and Environment
Work and Education

Assessments in Speaking and Writing will take place during Year 10 and Year 11 based on the topics students have recently studied. Listening and Reading will be tested at the end of the course. Students will learn how to convey information, explore ideas and give and justify opinions both orally and in writing using more complex language. They will develop independent learning skills which will enable them to plan, evaluate and modify their work effectively. They will be able to understand spoken and written language of increasing complexity.

Students have access to native speakers in preparing for their oral assessments. Foreign Language assistants in French, Spanish and German will teach KS4 students on a weekly basis to support them develop their cultural awareness and with the preparation of their GCSE speaking examinations.

Examples of specimen materials for the new GCSE specifications in Listening and Reading can be found as follows:

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