Business Studies - KS4

GCSE Business Studies (AQA)

GCSE Business Studies considers how businesses set up and organise themselves and then focus on the main functions.  In year 10, students will look at small and start up businesses, and will draw on their local knowledge, giving them a valuable insight into this subject.  Theory is purposely kept to a basic level at this stage, and is deepened in year 11. At this point, students will have a firm grasp of business principles and will apply their knowledge to larger, growing businesses. The main topics will be the same as in year 10, but the higher skills will be more fully tested.

There are three main units in GCSE Business Studies:

  1. Setting up a business –  Exam based on Year 10 study (40%) but sitting at end of Year 11
  2. Growing as a business – Exam based on Year 11 study (35%) and sitting at the end of Year 11
  3. Investigating businesses – Controlled Assessment based on a Year 10 topic (25%) - delivered in Autumn of Year 11

Units 1 & 2 cover the following 5 major topics, and are both examined by a 1 hour examination:

  1. Starting/Organising a business
  2. Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. People in Businesses
  5. Operations Management

Unit 3 is the Controlled Assessment, which is the equivalent of coursework. This is completed in the Autumn of Year 11, and involves researching a local business and topic, also writing a response under controlled classroom conditions.

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