KS3 Science

Students study the KS3 Science curriculum in Years 7 and 8.  Students are taught in mixed ability sets during Year 7, where the work is differentiated for their ability.   Students are then set at the beginning of Year 8.  Students start their GCSE syllabus at the start of Year 9 with the highest achieving students working towards the Separate (Triple) Science Award.

The students are regularly tested and sit a final examination at the end of each year.


The following topics are studied.


Year 7

Biology - Cells, Reproduction, Microbes and disease, Feeding Relationships, Variation and classification and Ecological Relationships

Chemistry - Acids and Alkalis, Solutions, Particle model

Physics - Electrical circuits, Magnets and Electromagnets, Forces, Speeding up, Pressure and moments


Year 8

Biology - Food and digestion, Respiration, Fit and healthy

Chemistry - Atoms and elements, Compounds, Patterns of reactivity, Rocks and weathering, Environmental chemistry

Physics - Energy Resources, Heating and cooling, Light and sight, Sound and hearing


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