Our approach to the curriculum

In Year 7, all girls study a core offer of E-Bacc (English Baccalaureate) subjects, i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Languages, Computing, History and Geography. Girls also study PRE (Philosophy and Religious Education), Music, Design and Technology, Drama, and Physical Education. In Modern Languages, all of girls study French, German and Spanish.


We use ‘setting’ (i.e. placing the learners in groups determined by ability) in English and Mathematics and mixed-ability teaching in the other subjects.

In Year 8, girls continue to study all the subjects they started in Year 7. The exception to this is in Modern Languages, where they choose the two languages that they would like to continue with. ‘Setting’ continues in English and Mathematics and is introduced in Science.

In Year 9, the same arrangements continue. The Option process begins about half way through the year with parents invited in for an Information Evening and girls supported to make good choices with regard to the subjects they embark on for their GCSE courses.

In Years 10 and 11 girls study their chosen subjects (generally 9 or 10), with the majority of GCSEs now assessed by means of final examinations that take place between May and June of Year 11.

Further details of our approach to the curriculum can be accessed by continuing to read through the ‘Curriculum’ section on the website or by telephoning the school and asking to speak to the Headteacher’s P.A., Mrs Liz Bateson.

In the Sixth Form, girls can choose from a wide range of A-Level subjects, some of which are taught through the consortium arrangements that exist between the local schools. Newlands currently also offers a small number of BTEC courses at Levels 2 and 3. Full details of the Sixth Form Curriculum can be found in the printed prospectus and course details, available by contacting the School Office.

    Newlands Girls' School Curriculum - list of subjects taken by year group

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