Current Course Information

Curriculum and Provision

In Year 7 all pupils learn French, German and Spanish for 2 hours per fortnight each.  In Year 8 and Year 9 they choose two of the languages and continue learning them for 3 hours per fortnight each until the end of the Key Stage.


In Year 10 pupils may choose French, German or Spanish for GCSE Level. They have 5 hours per fortnight in each language. Some students choose to continue with two languages.


At KS5 we currently offer French, German and Spanish to A-Level. They have 9 hours of teaching per fortnight.


Examination Boards

Year 10 GCSE AQA French (8658), German (8668), Spanish (8698)

Year 11 GCSE AQA French (4655), German (4655), Spanish (4695)

Year 13 A2 AQA French (2650), German (2660), Spanish (2695)


Current course materials:

• Year 7        -  In-house material developed by the MFL Team
• Year 8        -  Expo 2 Rouge, Listos 2, Echo 2
• Year 9        -  Expo 3, Echo 3, Mira 3
• Year 10/11  - Pearson Education AQA GCSE Studio, AQS GCSE Stimmt! AQA GCSE    

                      Viva!, Expo AQA GCSE, Echo AQA GCSE, Mira AQA GCSE

• Year 12/13 - Hodder Education A-Level French, German and Spanish                      

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