Business Studies and Economics

Welcome to the Business Studies & Economics Department.

Our vision is to develop real world, enterprising, higher education and employability skills for tomorrow's leaders and to prepare our girls for the dynamic and global business environment. We are here to equip our students with essential knowledge about the profit motive, the functions of business, the wider business environment and the UK and World Economies.  We learn about businesses from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, allowing our students to make well informed decisions, whether they hope to become an employee, a small business owner, a corporate executive or the Minister of Finance.

Courses offered at Key Stage 5:

  • Business Studies – AS & A2
  • Economics – AS & A2
  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business (a two year double A-Level equivalent).
  • BTEC First Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business (a one year double GCSE equivalent, available only in Year 12).

Courses offered at Key Stage 4:

  • GCSE Business Studies

The Business Studies courses cover all the main elements of business, including:

  • Business Organisation
  • Marketing (Advertising, distribution, pricing, etc).
  • Management (Motivation, leadership, etc)
  • Human Resources (Recruitment, training, etc)
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Production or Service Provision
  • External Environment of Business

In Economics, students will learn about both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, including:

  • Markets and Market Failure
  • The National Economy
  • Business Economics and the Distribution of Income
  • The International Economy

Why should I Business Studies and/or Economics?

  • Business Education involves critical thinking, interpretation of data, and manipulation of concepts and ideas.
  • Business Studies deals with specific businesses and how they operate in the external environment, looking at how they overcome problems such as finding finance and staff, and marketing their products profitably.
  • Economics looks at the basic problem of the allocation of scarce resources, and how the Business Environment and Government Policy shape the world that we live in.
  • Business Studies and/or Economics fit very well with virtually any combination of other subjects.
  • The skills of application, analysis and evaluation which are developed in these subjects are highly valued by universities and employers because they show your ability to think critically.  Our subjects are useful for careers in banking, finance, management and industry, and also politics and the media.


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