Art and Design / Photography

Welcome to Art & Design and Photography Department

We hope you enjoy reading the information about our thriving Department. We have three separate studio spaces, a large Ceramics Studio, a beautiful and spacious Photography Dark Room and a wonderful Exhibition Space to showcase excellent work throughout the Key Stages.

Why study Art & Design?

Art & Design is a means of communication and expression of ideas and feelings. It is also a way of working, that complements the literary, mathematical and science based subjects.

By studying Art & Design at GCSE, you will develop your visual perception and understanding, including the creative, imaginative and practical skills required in this subject. You will also gain an appreciation of our cultural heritage through practical and critical responses to achievements in art, craft and design. In addition, you will be helped to develop your own strengths and interests and in doing so, gain confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement.

What would you study?

The Art & Design syllabus is broad based and gives you the opportunity to explore different techniques, processes and media, and enables you to develop your skills in the following areas:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Graphics
  • Three-dimensional studies
  • Ceramics
  • Photography

What would you do in lessons and at home?

Whilst studying Art & Design at Newlands Girls’ School you would work in the following ways, using your sketchbook as a 'visual diary' to help you record your ideas, experiments and observations:

  • Explore and use a range of media for working in two and three dimensions
  • Record responses to a stimulus through investigation, experimentation and the development of ideas.
  • Review, modify and refine work as it progresses, and realise your intentions.
  • Investigate, research and react to art, craft and design.

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