Most Able Pupils



At Newlands we create confident and responsible young women equipped with the skills they need for the twenty first century.  We empower all students to realise their potential as part of a sustainable community committed to lifelong learning.


‘Most Able pupils’ describes learners who have one or more ability developed to a level ahead of their peer group or have the potential to develop this ability.


Newlands Girls’ School aims to:

  • to raise the performance and aspirations of all Most Able pupils
  • to have high expectations of achievement of all Most Able pupils
  • to enable greater enterprise, self-reliance and independence for Most Able pupils


In order to achieve these aims, we will ensure that Most Able pupils have opportunities to develop specific skills or talents through the curriculum and targeted activities.


Within Newlands Girls’ School we recognise that Most Able pupils can:

  • be good all-rounders
  • be high achievers in one area
  • keep their abilities hidden




There are a range of strategies used to identify our Most Able cohort including the use of:


·         Key Stage 2 data

·         Cognitive Ability Test data

·         Current attainment


The Programme


The school offers a wide and varied programme of activities across the curriculum for our Most Able pupils including


  • enrichment sessions
  • residential experiences
  • school clubs
  • music and sporting activities
  • academic mentoring
  • Oxbridge and leading educational establishments preparation
  • peer mentoring of Most Able pupils



As a result of the high level of support provided by Newlands Girls’ School, our Most Able pupils achieve high levels of success. Academically able students regularly achieve A-A* at GCSE and our A level results include students achieving the very highest grades allowing them to join prestigious universities including Oxford and Cambridge and medical schools.



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